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Duelling words unsaid in the library

Unsheathe your dagger definitions.  Horseness is the whatness of allhorse.  Streams of tendency and eons they worship.  God: noise in the street: very peripatetic.  Space: what you damn well have to see.  Through spaces smaller than red globules of man’s blood they creepy-crawl after Blake’s buttocks into eternity of which this vegetable world is shadow. […]

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Solitary animal mores

Supposing truth to be a woman – what? is the suspicion not well-founded that all philosophers, when they have been dogmatists, have had little understanding of women? that the gruesome earnestness, the clumsy importunity with which they have hitherto been in the habit of approaching truth have been inept and improper means for winning a […]

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Time is a landing field

The less time the society requires to produce wheat, cattle etc., the more time it wins for other production, material or mental. Just as in the case of an individual, the multiplicity of its development, its enjoyment and its activity depends on economisation of time. Economy of time, to this all economy ultimately reduces itself. […]

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Man or machine?

In modernity, I am emale would point to Descartes as one of the early pioneers of AI: And yet what do I see from the window but hats and coats which may cover automatic machines?  Yet I judge these to be men. The activity of the critical faculty is what constitutes a proof of the […]

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The World is Flat 3.0

The World is Flat 3.0 | MIT World. The title of this talk/book is as redundant as its hypothesis. Friedman extols the use of the Internet and the empowerment of the individual – more magical writing. In the transition from more primitive societies, the empowerment of the individual meant the ‘magicians’ became the ruling class.  […]

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The chaos theory of evolution – life – 18 October 2010 – New Scientist

The chaos theory of evolution – life – 18 October 2010 – New Scientist.   Adaptationism certainly appears to hold true in microevolution – small-scale evolutionary change within species, such as changes in beak shape in Galapagos finches in response to available food sources. However, there is still huge debate about the role of natural […]

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