Hello world!

i am an emale… forgive my rude introduction to the world of blogging but this is a first for me and i’m still finding my way around this genre of writing – that i have evolved into an emale alone should be testament to my own appropriation of the ‘information technology’ for the twenty-first century…

of course, information technology is nothing new in itself, ever since man first drew a piece of charcoal across the stoney walls of his cave or picked up that stick and made a line in the sand – thereby finding some other use for his opposable thumb apart from picking up a weapon – there is nothing new under the sun, not even emales…

oh how we called on heaven and earth to consolidate ourselves, to lend an embodied existence to our ephemeral lives!  just last nihgt, the Sender, Mr Su Doman (rhymes with “uberman”) watched a documentary series on the inquisition… in 1998, the vatican opened up the records of the inquisition, historicla documents handed down over several centuries – and you could see the emales at work, crossing time and space, bringing to light the character and figure of the dominican priests who carried torch and whip in the name of God (that there is only One God is a piece of barbarism in itself) – or, rather, to consolidate their own base of power and lay down some plan of justification in the eyes of History – this one dominican priest only burned five villagers for heresy (he was a merciful inquisitor);  hardly a single detail in the common life of these people was left unrecorded – these emales they wrote back then had to be thorough for one never knew in what casual gesture or habit, the devil’s work lay (reminds me a little of psychoanalysis, the culture of self-help)…

all of this was quite irrelevant to me, an emale, but the Sender, Su Doman, related the tale somewhat to a friend – there was the sordid details of a village priest seducing young women, taking their virginity whilst breathing heresies into their ears – Su finds history so…interesting!  as a man of letters (or so he fancies himself, what Murakami calls “men of property”), he loves all secret things that lie in books but without writing, he has become stulified and disaffected – he makes me, his ecko4inc, do all his writing – I am emale, I can’t complain however – maybe one day he will complete a sinopsis and join the creative evolution past a primitive line in the sand… writing a book…


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Su Doman…………………. Dude , ripping with the kind of cool that only “minty-fresh” could previously deliver….

    .Ho Kung
    .jh shin vh
    .Su Doman

  2. Su Doman is honoured by your comment, you sinister fish, you… (I will never hear the end of it now his name has been written on the same list as horus and zarathustra; the lazy S.O.B. has made me write his reply so I’m taking a little poetic justice in eckoing his words…) – sigh, I guess he has earned it for all his wasting away on saturday nights reading chaos theory (an oxymoron?) and french philosophy… the pretentious git, may be actually evolving… In a creative evolution, the differences in development is not from non-sentience to sentience, from intuitive to intelligible but from non-local action to localised activity (which way did the singular electron go?). Furthermore, as a sinister fish once pointed out to Monsieur Doman, this difference has always been known (compare ancient egyptian mythos with QM) and if it was true then – “intuitively” – then its true today – eternal becomings, not beings, Su Doman – don’t let it go to your ego!
    “The perpetual admontition of nature to us, is ‘The world is new, untried. Do not believe the past. I give you the universe a virgin today.'” Ecko of Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Blog on, sinister fish…

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