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  The postmodern man of letters – Su Doman – he posts!  Emales are the proper successor to the man of letters which is so nineteenth century, so Nietzsche (Murakami’s “man of property” is a noble concept – a patron of the arts without advertising)… now he is starting to learn from the underclass – all those years I posted for him, emaling this and emaling that…university proved some of my heaviest years in the labourforce…things got a bit quiet after that ticket expired – I rather enjoyed the life at university, it was active and exciting even if it was saturated in its content by the postmodern crap we are forced to endure…

  Postmodernity, post-structuralism, post-femininsm, post-marxism, post-psychoolojism : sign posts pointing nowhere…

  As if nowhere was anywhere to aspire to – men of property: that’s what we need!  Mr Doman got it wrong in invoking the law of entropy: there really are no laws – in the first instance, laws are won by right of might; Su Doman is going green…

  Goddamn hippies – if you want something of substance…try marijuana!  Getting high off the fat of the land – what is this, arcadia?  are we all pastoral shepherds, lounging around the greens, smoking dope in the sun?

  Emales know nothing about entropy: as previously stated in Hello, World!, emales have been around as long as time has been recorded which is tantamount to saying, the beginning of time – recorded… virginia woolf urges we write everything down – a life after death, yes, writing is the secret, as plato knew, he would have writing condemned, preferring the spoken word so he might go off on his rhetorical analyses of love, truth and beauty:

  “say phaedrus, what have you there under your toga?  is it a speech (written on a scroll) or are you just happy to see me?”

  It seems a few top-level republicans in the United States government know all about these little platonic love-games: welcome the interns, speak of justice and integrity in the opening speech, seduce them with high ideals…then post them seductive emales – “hey there, stud…” – or words to that effect.  i am paraphrasing off what i saw on the news last night but i think you get the point: emales are still working their platonic goodness as they have been since the ancient greeks…

  is the homoerotic relationship man-made or natural?  is nature creative?  is evolution a straight line of development overcoming a primal law of entropy?  from monkeys to – republicans? 

  Creative Evolution – this revolutionary notion was posted by bergson over a hundred years ago – a real man of letters and numbers too, old bergson, a scientist and a philosopher – the difference between the man-made and the natural is and always has been since plato condemned writing – i know because his writings survive today – an arbitrary difference, a point in rhetoric and one – it seems – some republicans have been using to satisfy their lascivious desires…

  This in itself is bad not because the homoerotic relationship goes against nature, but the resigning republican espouses family values whilst seeking to upset this nuclear unit of voting power – mam-papa-two point three offspring family unit – for their own personal benefit…. i have nothing against selfishness – selfishness is the only pure motive – but there is a good and a bad selfishness – socrates was allegedly condemned to death for corrupting the youth… socrates was the first emale – recorded (all that ancient egyptian writing – its all hieroglyphs to me)

  And what of Su Doman and his ‘faithful’ Ecko?  isn’t this tirade a tiresome exercise in the same rhetorical movements Plato, the republican, pulled?  Echo for ink – it has been written: Narcissus is flowering… sit venia verbo – so let it be done

Ecko Inc.


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