The Artful Dodger

  A fellow journalist – a precious stone she is – claims to be a writer for the fashion industry.  Now I am hardly one who enjoys any kind of knowledge whatsoever as to the fashion world and neither is the Artful Dodger but he had commented just the other night over a beer how little fashion sense this precious stone seems to exhibit.  Neither of us pretend to know what constitutes high fashion but we know what we like and it occurred to me that the Artful Dodger had in fact hit the pin right on the head.  The precious stone could be worn and adorned in a so much more luxurious fashion, despite the relative poverty of journalists.  But she really does not display any of the daring or outgoing aesthetic one should commonly associate with a precious stone in the fashion industry.

  Oh this precious stone labours at it, there’s no denying that.  She commonly informs the other journalsts of her trials and tribulations every day.  But in and of herself, as surely as an apple tree bears apples and not pears, one would think she would bear a fashionable aesthetic.

  I could go on.  This precious stone is a fashionable object of derision and she is vexatious to those journalists who have to work with her.  To be fair, she does create stories, she is skillful at loosening the tongues and the purses of the punters; she knows how to work the floor.  But behind the press releases, she attracts more attention than she is worth and the kind of conversation she atrracts is hardly becoming of an ethical writing – more like tabloid.

  Which brings me to the Artful Dodger.  A music journalist, he hardly wastes a word talking about himself or his work that is to say, his art.  He covers the local scene.  He is interested in the thing-in-itself as Hegel puts it.  The outcome is aesthetic, not scientific though for all of his rigor and attention to detail in what a body can do.  My respect and admiration for his ethos was raised by his passing comment on the precious stone – this fashion writer – and I do believe I echo the opinions of other journalists in saying he only adds value to the meaning of our craft as an ethical and social practice – by dodging the redundant narcissistic, scientific and humanistic concerns of the artist who is only the grounds for the work itself – the art.  L’art pour l’art – the Fool tips his winged hat off to you, the Artful Dodger.  You give journalism a good name…


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