Fare Trade Caffeine

Fare trade caffeine is one of the biggest ethical dillemmas facing the West today.  The most ordinary, every-day way we consume is a privilege we seldom think to locate as a part of the means of production – but there it is, in black and white: the green and gold is living off the blood of developing countries, keeping them in the red – without running water.
  And why stop at caffeine?  The fuel of a modern individual.  What about the finite fossil fuel resource powering this website?  The fuel of a modern society.  Black gold – clever. 
  But to take it to the limit, we should have to move into the desert and live like John the baptist off locusts and honey – or witchety grubs and eucalyptus – to lead the good and ethical life absolute.  Our elected representatives are the Pharisses and the moneylenders…
  But there’s no time waiting for some Jesus to come along and overturn the tables.  Salvation begins today.  The kingdom of heaven is here and now – and it doesn’t lie in that fifth cup of soy/fat/skinny latte goodness.  
  Pay the fare, play fair – vote with your conscience, be conscious and aware.  I work at a cafe and our trade is unfair.  Whose counting your coffees?  Some emale – or an ethiopian farmer without running water?  It really is a question of quality, the good and ethical life…


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