The Abstract and the Real

The born painter…  He never works ‘from nature’ – he leaves it to his instinct, his camera obscura, to sift and strain ‘nature’; the ‘case,’ the ‘experience’…  He is conscious only of the universal, the conclusion, the outcome: he knows nothing of that arbitrary abstraction from the individual case.                                                Mr Nietzsche

There is a pact of pride in a couple’s love, a pact of glory, which is at least as fundamental as sexual feelings.  These latter peter out silently in the two bodies but the pact can only be broken by the spoken word.                        Baudrillard

 The abstract is pure form.  Nothing escapes the gravitational pull of a black hole (except a worm hole).  The invocation of the abstract plane produces a reality in the subject’s mind, brought on by a connection of the senses and reality in the object’s body.  The senses bridge the abstract and the real for whom the bell tolls. 

But there are (at least) two kinds of realities – subjective and objective.  Being-for-Itself and Being-in-Itself, one is pure form whilst the other is substantial.  Consciousness moves from the substance of the object (Spinozian kinetics, a k-Function) to the pure form of the subjective mind (Hegelian semantics, an x-Function).

 To be your only shiny thing.                  Tom Waits

 What then shall be said about the relationship between lovers?  Where’s the soul, the metaphysical object?  If we are to believe cybernetics, a discourse committed to ousting the metaphysical?  A dark horse in Plato’s Phaedrus

Open the lines of communication and keep them honest.  

A will to truth. 

Open surveillance or an altruistic desire?  

 The spiritualisation of sensuality is called love; it is the greatest triumph over Christianity.  Mr Nietzsche

 I am Emale, a Prodigal Son, One of the Many.  An actualisation of the universal form of being-[human] in the particular (mouse-people).  A fasting-artist, language is the unity of word and image, the lichtung of Being, the House of G_d,  across the virtual world, my thoughts becoming-mouse; the resulting architecture manifest a will to power, a revaluation of values – a mouse hole.

The destination of the Real??

I give myself up to language, ecko for inc, methods and black squares.


2 thoughts on “The Abstract and the Real

  1. Comments on the verges of the form; bodies of texts here and there. it’s a riddle. Slowly it becomes an organic graph, distributed on top of the virtual, a tissue of life unfolding on top of lifeless strawberry bits. Another sign for the political importance of the capsules, those which hold the ends of man.

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