An Open Letter to Antigram

To Antigram,

The program? Pure Theory. In other words.

Antimatter. Mirror of the uni(-)verse. Poetry is frozen.

Abstracted. The subject under consideration has no experience to speak of.

Boxed in. Weighed up. In the laboratory. Upon a measuring apparatus.

Save your experiences for psychoanalysis, honey.

When I move, I move like a k-punk. (Eckoes of Nelson Algren, The Man with the Golden Arm.)

Language constructs the subject. The unconscious is not a box, waiting to be opened. The unconscious must be created.

The subject is class conflict embodied into the institution of schooling. The knowledge of distinction. Prestige. Good breeding. For God, Queen and cuntry. Seething beneath the organs of social reproductions. Boys reading comic books under the desk. Building a body with(out) organs. Forming young minds.

One cannot be said to know a subject if one cannot speak of it. Illustration: Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man. In words.

Everything else is maths and quantum mechanics. Which has its own place. Outside the Joyce of being-[human].

Education enjoys a human privilege. An organ of social reproduction. Socrates had to die for Plato to write. Transmission of values instilled into future generations. Time and discipline.

I is an other.

Don’t let this impress you! Don’t start spreading it around that I is an other – it won’t impress anyone, believe me! And what is more, it doesn’t mean anything. Because, to begin with, you have to know what an other means. The other – don’t use this term as a mouthwash.


Speaking of experience, Jimi’s chorus…

Are you experienced,

Little girl?

Have you ever been experienced?

I have.

In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with G_d and the Word was G_d. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.

What this structure of the signifying chain discloses is the possibility I have, precisely in so far as I have this language in common with other subjects, that is to say, in so far as it exists as a language, to use it in order to signify something quite other than what it says. This function of speech is more worth pointing out than that of ‘disguising the thought’ (more often than not indefinable) of the subject; it is no less than the function of indicating the place of the subject in the search for the true.

Lacan, Agency of the Letter in the Unconscious

To render an account in the face of being-[human].

Silencing k-punk, antimatter. Speech of your experience, reading the weblog of k-punk? The subject is set free so he can be held accountable. You riddle k-punk’s account with your own (w)holes – overarching, resentful intentions. A mousetrap. Man and his symbols.

Society matters. The masses matter.

Dreaming has a biological function. You don’t dream, you die.

For if even the tiniest portion of antimatter met matter, the results for the universal would be katastrophic.

Silencing the kat with a thought experiment. Pure. Abstract. Immaterial. Undead. After a half-life, Schrodinger’s kat is both alive and dead. The true position is a superimposition. Open the box to discover its feline intensions. The measuring apparatus decides a fate, writes the abyss. A lesson in quantum mechanics from a seminar of Jacques Lacan’s, a book too (the ego in Freud’s theory and in the technique of psychoanalysis):

The subject is no one. It is decomposed, in pieces



P. S. I am emale.


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