The chaos theory of evolution – life – 18 October 2010 – New Scientist

The chaos theory of evolution – life – 18 October 2010 – New Scientist.   Adaptationism certainly appears to hold true in microevolution – small-scale evolutionary change within species, such as changes in beak shape in Galapagos finches in response to available food sources. However, there is still huge debate about the role of natural […]

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Who Be Kind To

What does early man understand by death?… if a man lives and moves, it can only be because he has a little man inside who moves him… “The Soul As A Manikin” from The Golden Bough, James Frazer The little man is the soul. The voodoo doll is the classic depiction of the little man, […]

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There are worse things than death Mr Lee for example to live under the conditions your enemies will endeavour to impose. And the members of all existing organisations are at some point your enemy. You will learn where this point is if you survive. You will receive your instructions in many ways. From books, street […]

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The Art Department

When Young Sutherland asked me to procure him a commission with the nova police, I jokingly answered: “Bring in Winkhorst, technician and chemist for The Lazarus Pharmaceutical Company, and we will discuss the matter.” “Is this Winkhorst a nova criminal?” “No just a technical sergeant wanted for interrogation.” I was thinking of course that he […]

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Everyday Daimons

The problem of Socrates:-    The two antitheses: the tragic disposition, the Socratic disposition – measured according to the law of life… his equalisation of reason = virtue = happiness. It was with this absurdity of a doctrine of identity that he fascinated… Absolute lack of objective interest: hatred for science; the idiosyncrasy of feeling oneself as […]

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Town and Country

The formation of the city-state in ancient Greece is one of the founding achievements in Western civillisation. The city-state was a sublimation of differences, the parts acting in concert to create a greater whole. Athens was a plurality, a city that arose from a collection of villages. The Acropolis was the center of the building […]

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